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  1. Contact us


Please fill in the contact form. You can either call us or leave a message to response your request. 


  1. Diagnosis & Treatment Planning


Please give accurate answers on the contact form about your medical and dental status so that we can help you. It is crucial to attach your Panoramic X-ray as well.​For implants it is necessary to submit a dental scan x-ray by 1mm.


Regarding your details we will assess;


​- Your approximate treatment plan


- How many sessions you will need


- Recommended flight & accommodation details.


  1. The Confirmation of Your Treatment Plan


When you confirm your approximate treatment plan, we will schedule your dental appointments.


  1. Accommodation in Athens


You have so many options regarding accommodation in Athens. Our clinic is only 1 stop by subway from the city center. We will help you find the most convenient hotel nearby.​ (EURODENTICA has signed contracts with Radisson Blue hotel which is approximately 1km from our premises – www.radissonblu.com – with special prices for our patients)


  1. Visit to Our Clinic & About Your Treatment


We introduce you to our doctors and dental assistants. This is followed by an intraoral and extraoral examination and after that, we finalize your treatment plan and your treatment starts immediately.​


  1. Recall


After the treatment and according to your doctor’s recommendations, we see you every 6-12 months.

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